Strong Financials

  • The Company is well leveraged and has an Equity of Rs.40 Crores as at 31st March, 2018. The Term Loan sanctioned is Rs.52 Crores. The long term Debt Equity ratio works out to 1.30.
  • The Company has already tied up the Working Capital requirement with the bank and is poised for growth.
  • The Company has a very strong R&D Capability and has developed competitive molecules and is in the process of scale up at the manufacturing facility. The molecules cover various therapeutic segments.
  • The Company is working with leading players in Pharmaceutical Industry and complies with regulatory and quality standards.
  • It has a strong team with experience in Pharma Industry to manage the various challenges and also seize opportunities in the Pharma space.
  • It manages its risk well and has a mechanism to hedge / mitigate risk. The Company has been rated BBB (-) by CARE rating agency.